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Africa (Kenya & Eithopia)

In the late 1970's Liberty Bible Church was encouraged to adopt an unreached people group, as a church. Through the same source, we were informed that the nomadic tribes of Northern Kenya fit into that category, but there was limited effort being made to reach them.  We began to search out our options and discovered that two established missions’ organizations had done some work in the region, but with little success. A couple from our church joined one of these organizations and began what is now a 30 year mission to the Boran Tribe for us all. In the beginning the churches primary role was prayer and financial support for this couple.


Their first in country function was to serve as school teachers (teaching religion classes) in the Kenyan Public School System. Some of the students were from the Boran Tribe and at the school semester breaks, our people would drive them home and visit their families in prayer and hopes of developing relationships.  A few of these students became Christians and some would become interpreters and eventually serve as key evangelists and in their villages. As the years passed, our people moved on from school teaching and began to work in various locations, developing various methods of reaching out to the tribe (who were in a cultural transition, beginning to settle in villages and develop family gardens, rather than following their herds as a family). One of the most effective strategies was to begin to teach weekly Bible Stories either under a tree or in someone's hut. The young men that were saved during the high school ministry time served as interpreters. These villages now have fully functioning church ministries, all run by trained Boran nationals.

Liberty Bible Church continues to provide salaries, leadership training and enrichment, relief food and water during the droughts, and funding for the next phases of the work. The plan that emerged from the “under the tree” ministry is to build a small house with a porch that serves as the gathering place and eventually becomes the pastor's home. As the Lord grows His Body in those remote villages, we build the next facility ( a 250 seat auditorium with an office and prayer room.) These churches are all affiliated with AIC (African Inland Church). Three of the four villages are in this latter stage and are sending their own evangelists to reach the even more remote villages and the grazing areas of Southern Ethiopia.( The tribe is said to be 100,000 in Kenya and 4 million in Ethiopia)

The Lord has opened many doors of ministry, as the outreach has now expanded into the remote villages and the temporary cattle camps of those who have remained nomadic. Currently, we are outfitting Kenyan evangelistic teams with motorcycles and modern audio and video equipment to present the Gospel to these remote and unengaged peoples. Since the evangelists are from the same tribe and speak the same language, their reception and effectiveness in the Lord has been phenomenal.  Our next step of ministry is to establish village fellowships that will become the next churches. The challenge that remains is how to establish the church fellowships in the lives of those who are still living a nomadic lifestyle, and are continually moving their camps on camels. We, as a missionary church in partnership with the Boran Churches, continue to seek the Lord's leading and leave the results in His hands, as He expands His Kingdom and establishes His Church. Our desire is to be an echo of the Apostle Paul in Romans 15, -- to take the Gospel where Christ is not yet named.

Africa - Kenya - Moyale & Marsabit

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